How to reset “sas administrator” password

How to reset “sas administrator” password

Step by SAS Track Support

To reset password of [email protected] account, please follow instruction below:

1.Add a user ID (for an account that is known to the metadata server’s host) to the adminusers.txt file that resides in the following Microsoft Windows location (or the UNIX equivalent): <sas config>\SASMeta\MetadataServer
Place an asterisk in front of the user ID so that your adminusers.txt file looks similar to this example:
*[email protected] *Windows-domain\Windows-ID /*or *UNIX-ID */
2.Stop all SAS® services.
3.Start SAS® Metadata Server.
4.Run the SAS® Deployment Manager from the Windows directory (or UNIX equivalent) C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASDeploymentManager\9.3\sasdm.exe.
5.Select the language in which to view SAS Deployment Manager. Then click OK.
6.Click Update Passwords. You will be prompted to enter the password for [email protected] the user ID from [email protected] to the user ID that you entered in adminUsers.txt and provide a password.
7.Select the configuration-directory/level directory that you want to manage.
Note: In most cases, this directory is already selected for you.

8.In the next step (SAS Web Infrastructure Database JDBC properties), click Next (no password is required normally).
9.In the step Select the userids in which the password should be updated, select the check box next to [email protected] in the list of passwords. You will be prompted to enter the new password and then confirm it. This password then becomes your permanent [email protected] password.
10.Click Start to apply the new password. This step completes the password update for [email protected] using SAS Deployment Manager. You can now exit the deployment manager.
11.Remove *Windows-domain\Windows-ID (or *UNIX-ID) from the adminusers.txt file.
12.Restart SAS Metadata Server and all SAS services.


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