What is the SAS Environment Manager Data Mart?

What is the SAS Environment Manager Data Mart?

The SAS Environment Manager Data Mart is a collection of tables that store monitored data in a data infrastructure that is provided by the SAS Environment Manager Extended Monitoring. These data are collected using the various ETL processes and stored in a standard format, making it easy for SAS administrators to run audit reports and perform analyses on performance and usage.

The data in the Data Mart are also used to populate predefined stored process reports that are provided as part of SAS Environment Manager Report Center. SAS administrators may also use the Data Mart tables for custom reporting and analysis, or they can be used to feed SAS Visual Analytics reports for the administrator autoload environment. You can the full documentation on the SAS Environment Manager Data Mart in the SAS® Environment Manager 2.4 User’s Guide.


Information from: http://blogs.sas.com/content/sgf/2014/11/26/sas-environment-manager-data-mart-the-heart-of-the-service-management-architecture/


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