20180704 Meeting

P’ Ton Team –> Prepare for Go live

  1. Create VM for Prod each machine
  2. Install OS
  3. Network setup
  4. Join AD + Set Computer name
  5. Hardening OS and SQL
  6. Install SQL Server
  7. Mount Depot files to each machine
  8. Mount Windows server –>Maybe used.
  9. Create User Group (SAS USer)
  10. Assign Log on as a batch jobs. for SAS User Grp.

*********Firewall —

and the install, config follow by step on Doc


P’ Ton Team –> Prepare for Hardening

  1. Clone all machine
  2. setup network
  3. use old computer name with domain same before



Relocation DC:

  1. Same Old IP?
  2. Same old Computer name?
  3. Same Domain name?
  4. Take time?





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